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Keeping Your Radiator Clean and Checked is a Must in Colorado


A lot of people really do not understand the mechanics of the radiator and cooling system in their auto. They only know that they want the air conditioning to come on and be cold when they push the button or slide the switch, and that the defrost hopefully takes care of the windows in the winter time. There is a lot more to your systems than personal comfort, and in fact, your radiator truly does not have a huge amount to do any more with the AC system. What it does handle is the temperature your engine runs at, and that is critical. In today’s vehicles with aluminum blocks and other components in engines, it is even more important to make sure your engine is able to run at the correct temperature, not overheat, and provide the lubricant to the water pump it needs in order to be healthy.

Your radiator system uses antifreeze, or antifreeze and water. Antifreeze by nature breaks down and creates deposits that build up and can block or damage the radiator, leading to overheating or failure. Sometimes contaminants get trapped in the radiator and those create particles that precipitate in the bottom of your radiator, building up sludge. The breakdown of antifreeze can even cause rust to grow and deposit inside your radiator and cooling system. That fluid is what circulates to keep your engine cool, and you do not want sludge, grunge, deposits, or particles floating around or building up that can damage your radiator or your engine.

Some companies will empty your radiator of fluid and refill it, but at Cornerstone Auto Repair, we know that is not the right or healthy way to take care of your radiator. Your radiator needs drained and flushed, so all the deposits and gunk can get removed. We inspect your entire system for leaks, damage, or other issues, including all hoses. When we are sure all the rust, scale, and whatever else does not belong in your radiator is cleaned out, we refill and check the system again for leaks. The new antifreeze will contain additives to reduce foam and deposits in your system, helping it to run more efficiently and extending its life. It also helps the water pump get a new lease on life, since nearly all antifreeze contains additives that are special water pump lubricants. Get your radiator cleaned correctly, so it is in the best working condition possible headed in to the heat of summer or cold of winter with quality radiator flushing and service at Cornerstone Auto Repair.

Automotive AC and Heater Services Colorado Springs CO Relies Upon

Life in the climate of south-central Colorado without heating and air in a vehicle would be, well, just right out challenging. The summer heat can be intense, and our winters, while milder than some places, can still have periods of snowy cold. Having a heating system that not only keeps you warm but also defrosts your windows so you can drive safely is important. Automotive air conditioning and heating systems, however, are rather complicated, and they have chemicals that require special knowledge and training to handle appropriately to protect the environment. You should always bring your vehicle into Cornerstone Auto Repair when you need a check done, your heater core replaced, or even a new engine heater installed. We have technicians that are certified in auto heating and cooling repair and replacement, and we know how to diagnose problems, trace leaks, and properly install equipment. Call us for an appointment, and we will provide a free estimate for the work you need completed. Air conditioning and heater work often require you leave your vehicle for a few hours, and you can utilize our handy shuttle service to get wherever you need to go in the Colorado Springs area while we work on your car.

Your Exhaust System is More Important Than You Think

The exhaust system on your vehicle might appear to be only a remover of fumes and spent fuel, and it is true, it does that, but it also does a lot more. Many people do not realize that your exhaust system acts as a backpressure system to balance the effective burn of fuel in your engine, can affect the compression, can affect acceleration, and also can affect overall performance. If you have a sudden loud “pop!” and then a roar, especially when you accelerate, you may have busted a manifold or engine gasket. A damaged or crushed exhaust pipe can absolutely affect how your car runs, as well as how safe the combusted fuel exits the system so dangerous fumes do not leak into the interior of your vehicle. Part of the exhaust system is your catalytic converter, and that equipment further breaks down the exhaust fumes, taking the toxic gases and pollutants and chemically altering them via oxidation to less dangerous or damaging compounds. The entire system needs to be intact for your vehicle to run efficiently and smoothly. We repair and replace exhaust systems at Cornerstone Auto Repair, and we know the nuances of those used on import vehicles. Call us, and schedule an appointment if you have a broken manifold gasket, a damaged exhaust pipe, or you are getting the warning message flashing on your dash that it is time to have your catalytic converter checked. Our prices are reasonable and all our mechanics are highly trained and experienced in exhaust work.

Regular Fuel System Cleaning Often Saves Injector Replacement

If there is one truth about modern cars that is different than older ones, it is to never run out of gas or diesel if you can possibly help it. You also do not want to get any contaminated gas or diesel, such as fuel that might have water runoff or debris in a storage tank, as it can and will cause problems for how your vehicle runs, and can even cause it not to start. The reason is the injector system that delivers the fuel into the chamber where it is burnt and creates compression. The fuel delivery system or fuel pump will pick up those contaminants and send it straight up the lines to the injectors. The valves are very thin, with tiny orifices that allow the fuel through, and any sort of dirt, waste, deposit, grunge, or water in fuel can and will block or “foul” the injectors, requiring a trip to the shop. Those trips can be expensive. We would rather those unfortunate incidents not happen to your car, and that is why we strongly suggest regular fuel system cleaning professionally done at Cornerstone Auto Repair. We know the correct cleaner to use for your engine, and test the performance afterward to make certain that all the contaminants and deposits are removed. In the event there has been damage to your injectors, we can repair or replace them, and take care of any other issues we find in the fuel and injection system. One thing, please, if you suspect you have completely fouled your injectors, stop immediately, do not drive to the shop, and have your vehicle towed or flat-bedded to our location. The additional engine run can make the difference in a little damage or repair turning into a major undertaking. At Cornerstone Auto Repair, we prefer to prevent problems than have to fix them for our customers, even at a lower cost. It is simply the right thing to do.

We Do Diesel Injector Cleaning on Domestic and Most Foreign Brands

Diesel injectors scare many auto mechanics in Colorado Springs, and honestly, they should. Diesel injection needs to be cleaned, repaired, and when necessary, replaced, by a certified mechanic with experience in the make and model engine of the vehicle that needs help. At Cornerstone Auto Repair, every mechanic on our line is a certified A.S.E. technician with years of experience. Our techs can handle most brands of foreign made vehicles. We also have master BMW certified mechanic service available. Hire experts to do the necessary surgery to heal your domestic or import diesel. At Cornerstone Auto Repair we will give you a free estimate up front, and we always discuss any issues we find during the work before we continue. We know your diesel is an investment, and one you are proud of and want to keep running at top performance. Call us, and let us help you get qualified service for diesel injector cleaning, repair, or replacement in Colorado Springs.