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We Can Take Care of a Lot of Auto Services for You, Like Wiper Blades

Windshield Wiper Replacement by Professional Auto Service Technician

At Cornerstone Auto Repair, we take a lot of pride in doing the little things that make our customers’ lives easier. One of those is wiper blade and wiper arm replacement.

Wiper blades are simply difficult to get on some vehicles, and others have odd clip systems that make certain they are secured a grey area until you turn them on in the rain and they are not mounted correctly. We are happy to change your wiper blades out or even install new wiper arms if your vehicle requires that kind of setup. Come by the shop, or mention it when you are in for other service. We will be happy to install them for you.

We also will check your engine air filter when you are in for service. Air filters make a difference on mileage and performance, and with our climate and dry conditions, filters tend to pick up dust. Many people do not know their vehicle also has a cabin filter, particularly in trucks and SUVs. We will be happy to check those and locate a replacement for you should you need one. Your fuel filter also may need replaced, and they tend to be in some very unusual places in your car or truck now, such as under a seat. If you are having issues with idling and you suspect you got bad gas, your fuel filter may have to be changed to solve the problem. Call the shop and we can set up a convenient time for you to stop by for service, and your filters will be new in a short amount of time.

Do You Need an Inline Heater, Engine Heater, Transmission or Oil Cooler Installed?

Planetary gearsets inside vehicle automatic transmission. Close up view in mechanic workshop during repairingIt might sound a bit strange to a Coloradan to need an engine heater installed, as most everyone’s vehicles here already come with them installed from the factory. The fact is, we have a large number of new residents moving into the Colorado Springs region every month, and engine and inline heaters are completely unknown in many parts of the country. They are a great idea, especially if you do not happen to own a garage to house your vehicle. Trying to find someone to install them, though, can be like hunting a needle in a haystack. We install both inline and engine heaters at a very reasonable price. We know they are a necessity in our varied climate, and it is our way of making sure our new neighbors are prepared for whatever Mother Nature shares.

If you are going to be towing a boat, trailer, or RV such as a fifth wheel, you might want to consider the addition of an oil or transmission cooler on your rig. These items do just what they say, cool the oil or transmission fluid, and are a big help to avoid problems when you are pulling a load in the mountains and up and down grades. Come by or call, and tell us the make, model, engine, transmission, and if applicable, bed length and configuration of your towing vehicle, as well as what you are towing, and we can locate the appropriate oil or transmission cooler for your unit. They are reasonably priced and make a world of difference on the wear and tear on your equipment.

Brakes Are a Top Safety Concern – Let Cornerstone Auto Repair Check Your Brakes

auto service and maintenance concept - car brake disc at repair stationWhen you live in the mountains, you have to have brakes. The same applies to living in town. Brakes are probably the top safety feature on your vehicle, and they need to be in good working order at all times. Brake pads and shoes wear out, rotors wear down, and drums do as well. When you feel that bouncing grab or not much at all when you put your foot down on the brake pedal, it is time to make an appointment to stop by the shop. You might just be low on brake fluid, which we will be happy to top off. You might need new brake pads, or more, depending on the condition of your vehicle. We are experts in all brands of domestic vehicles for brakes and do everything up through full size pickups. We also know the systems in foreign and import autos and specialize in European systems including BMW. Don’t take risks with your safety or that of your family. Get your brakes checked and replaced at a reasonable price when they need done. At Cornerstone Auto Repair we are always happy to provide a free quote for brake work, and will tell you how long it will take. Most brakes can be completed in a half-day or less. Call us and make an appointment now.

In Colorado Suspension Takes a Beating

The climate in Colorado can be hard on road surfaces, and anyone who drives where there is winter runoff can attest to the jarring effects of potholes and washes. Summer heat also takes its own toll, wearing down surfaces and breaking down asphalt. All these driving conditions, coupled with rock and dirt roads and other challenges, give the suspension system on your vehicle a workout. Our trained, experienced mechanics are some of the top in Colorado Springs at rebuilding and repacking your ball joints, servicing your drive shaft, replacing your shocks and struts, and we even install and service air shocks. It takes know-how to know how to fix and fit the right suspension to a vehicle to make your ride better and smoother, and we know how to take care of the equipment afterwards so it lasts as long as possible under the conditions.

Due to the tough wear and tear on certain suspension parts, we strongly suggest bringing in your vehicles that are subjected to those kinds of roads for a regular check on condition, lubrication, possible cracks and damage, and general wear and tear. If necessary, we can install a Zerk or grease fitting to assure there is adequate lubrication in a particular joint, as many of them come “sealed” or without them. Talk to us and let’s see what is the most practical, utilitarian, and safe combination of suspension parts that will do the job you need done with the best ride you can have at a reasonable price. We always provide a free estimate for all work before we start.

As locals, we know that doing the right thing and helping your neighbors is just plain expected in south central Colorado. We are proud to call Colorado Springs home and have for many years, and we pride ourselves in knowing our friends and neighbors have been coming in for service for decades. We work hard to maintain our reputation, and always strive to provide the top quality A.S.E. certified auto mechanics for domestic and import autos anywhere in Colorado Springs. Give us a call, or stop by the shop for an estimate. You will see why we are so Colorado proud and are glad to call Colorado Springs our home, all while we are giving you great mechanical work at reasonable prices.