System Services

Keeping Your Radiator Clean and Checked is a Must in Colorado

Many people don’t truly understand the mechanics of the radiator and cooling system in their auto. They only know that they want the air conditioning to come on and be cold when they push the button or slide the switch and that the defrost hopefully takes care of the windows in the wintertime. There is a lot more to your vehicles’ AC systems than personal comfort, and in fact, your radiator no longer has that much to do with the AC system. What it does maintain is the temperature your engine runs at, and that is critical. In today’s vehicles with aluminum blocks and other components in engines, it is even more crucial to make sure your engine is able to run at the correct temperature, not overheat, and provide the lubricant to the water pump which your vehicle needs to run efficiently.
Your radiator system uses either antifreeze or antifreeze with water. By nature, antifreeze breaks down, creating deposits that build up and block or damage the radiator, leading to overheating or failure. Sometimes contaminants get trapped in the radiator, which creates particles that precipitate in the bottom of your radiator, building up sludge. The breakdown of antifreeze can even cause rust to grow and deposit inside your radiator and cooling system. This fluid circulates to keep your engine cool, and you do not want sludge, grunge, deposits, or particles floating around or building up that can damage your radiator or your engine.
Some companies will empty your radiator of fluids and refill it; however, at Cornerstone Auto Repair, your auto repair in Colorado Springs, we know that is not the proper or thorough way to take care of your radiator. Your radiator needs to be drained and flushed, so all the deposits and gunk can get removed. We inspect your entire system for leaks, damage, or other issues, including all hoses. Once all the rust, scale, and residues in your radiator have been cleaned out, we will recheck the system for leaks and replace the fluids. The new antifreeze will contain additives to reduce foam and deposits in your system, helping it run more efficiently and extend its life. It also helps the water pump get a new lease on life since nearly all antifreeze contains additives specially formulated to be water pump lubricants. Get your radiator cleaned correctly to be in the best working condition possible headed into the heat of summer or cold of winter with quality radiator flushing and service at Cornerstone Auto Repair.

Your Exhaust System is More Important Than You Think

The exhaust system on your vehicle might appear to be only a remover of fumes and spent fuel, which is accurate; however, it does a lot more. Many people do not realize that your exhaust system acts as a backpressure system to balance the fuel’s effective burn in your engine, affect the compression, affect acceleration, and affect overall performance. If you hear a sudden loud “pop!” and then a roar, especially when you accelerate, you may have busted a manifold or engine gasket. A damaged or crushed exhaust pipe can also affect how your car runs, as well as how the combusted fuel exits the system safely so dangerous fumes do not leak into the interior of your vehicle. Part of the exhaust system is your catalytic converter, which further breaks down the exhaust fumes, taking the toxic gases, pollutants and chemically altering them via oxidation to less dangerous or damaging compounds. The entire system needs to be intact for your vehicle to run efficiently and smoothly. We repair and replace exhaust systems at Cornerstone Auto Repair – your Auto Repair in Colorado Springs, and we know the nuances of the various intricacies used on import vehicles. Call us, and schedule an appointment if you have a broken manifold gasket, a damaged exhaust pipe, or you are getting the warning message flashing on your dash that it is time to have your catalytic converter checked. Our prices are reasonable, and all our mechanics are highly trained and experienced in exhaust work.

Automotive AC and Heater Services Colorado Springs CO Relies Upon

South-central Colorado’s climate, without heating and air in a vehicle, would be just outright challenging. The summer heat can be intense, and our winters, while milder than some places, can still have periods of snow and freezing cold. Having a heating system that not only keeps you warm but also defrosts your windows so you can drive safely is essential. However, automotive air conditioning and heating systems are rather complicated, and they have chemicals that require special knowledge and training to handle appropriately to protect the environment. You should always bring your vehicle into Cornerstone Auto Repair when you need a check done, your heater core replaced, a new engine heater installed, or even to replace a fuse. We have technicians certified in auto heating and cooling repair and replacement, and we know how to diagnose problems, trace leaks, and properly install equipment. Call us for an appointment, and we will provide a free estimate for the work you need completed. Air conditioning and heater work are often labor-intensive; we provide a handy shuttle service to get wherever you need to go in the Colorado Springs area while we work on your car.

Regular Fuel System Cleaning Often Saves Injector Replacement

If there is one truth about modern cars that differs from older ones, it’s the rule to never run out of gas or diesel if you can help it. You also do not want to get any contaminated gas or diesel (such as fuel that might have water runoff or debris in a storage tank), as it can and will cause problems for how your vehicle runs, even causing it not to start. The reason for this is the injector system that delivers the fuel into the chamber where it is burnt and creates compression. The fuel delivery system or fuel pump will pick up those contaminants and send them straight up the lines to the injectors. The valves are fragile, with tiny orifices that allow the fuel through, and any sort of dirt, waste, deposit, grunge, or water in fuel can and will block or “foul” the injectors, requiring a trip to the shop. Those trips can be expensive. We would prefer those unfortunate incidents not happen to your car, which is why we strongly suggest regular, professional fuel system cleaning done by Cornerstone Auto Repair. We know the correct cleaner to use for your engine and test the performance afterward to ensure that all the contaminants and deposits are removed. In the event there has been damage to your injectors, we can repair or replace them and take care of any other issues we find in the fuel and injection system. One thing, please, if you suspect you have completely fouled your injectors, stop immediately, do not drive to the shop, and have your vehicle towed or hauled via flat-bed to our location. The additional engine run can make the difference in a little damage or repair turning into a significant undertaking. At Cornerstone Auto Repair, we prefer to prevent problems rather than having to fix them for our customers, even at a lower cost. It is simply the right thing to do.

We Do Diesel Injector Cleaning on Domestic and Most Foreign Brands

Diesel injectors scare many auto mechanics in Colorado Springs, and honestly, they should. Diesel injection needs to be cleaned, repaired and, when necessary, replaced by a certified mechanic with experience in the make and model engine of the vehicle that needs help. At Cornerstone Auto Repair, every mechanic on our line is a certified A.S.E. technician with years of experience. Our techs can handle most brands of foreign-made vehicles. We also have master BMW certified mechanic service available. Hire experts to do the necessary surgery to heal your domestic or import diesel. At Cornerstone Auto Repair, we will give you a free estimate upfront, and we always discuss any issues we find during the work before we continue. We know your diesel is an investment, and one you are proud of and want to keep running at top performance. Call us, and let us help you get qualified service for diesel injector cleaning, repair, or replacement in Colorado Springs.

Engine Services

Regular Maintenance is So Important for Your Car

A mechanic checks under the hood

When you buy a car, you spend a lot of money. You hope it will last a while and give you excellent service. While a new car probably has some sort of warranty, it often only covers things like the drive train or some engine and electrical components. It rarely covers things that wear out or need replacement, like oil, brake shoes, wiper blades, hoses, or belts.
Taking care of the ordinary things that wear out or breakdown helps your new car stay in warranty and keeps the engine and components in better running condition. It is even more critical when you buy a used car that may have no, or be out of, warranty to take care of it and do regular maintenance because the bill for everything that needs doing ends up coming out of your pocket.
At Cornerstone Auto Repair, we are True Believers in ensuring that the regular maintenance that needs doing on your domestic or import auto is done on schedule and done correctly. We know that when regular maintenance schedules are followed, many small issues can be found and alleviated so they do not turn into much larger repair bills, or worse, safety issues that can endanger you and your passengers. When you need regular maintenance, even if it is just an oil change, call us. We will be happy to tell you what the price is and get you scheduled into the shop. Some cars, mainly imports, can pose unusual challenges for something as simple as an oil change, and having experts familiar with that brand and build of vehicle assure you the work is done correctly. Properly recycling used oil and preventing chemical spills in your drive are critical to protecting our environment.
Bring your car to Cornerstone Auto Repair, and you will get fast, exceptional auto mechanic service Colorado Springs talks about and has for years.

Belt, Hose, and Timing Belt Replacements on Domestic and Foreign Autos

Open car's engine at auto workshopMany people do not realize that the hoses, belts, and timing belts on your car need to be changed periodically. There is a schedule of suggested maintenance by mileage in every owner’s manual for every vehicle model produced, and that schedule is there for a reason. Hoses and belts are made of a super-tough rubberized propylene material, but over time, it dries out, frays, reacts with chemicals off your engine, and starts to break down, crack, or can even become worn from rubbing on a housing or casing. This damage and wear is especially frustrating and dangerous for the life of your engine when a key radiator hose breaks and all the coolant spews out, leading to rapid overheating of your engine. Running an engine without coolant can lead to disastrous results, including a total freeze-up of the engine due to no cooling or lubrication. When a timing belt decides to fail, often you just simply stop dead wherever you are, requiring a tow. It often means quite a bit of time down while the belt is replaced, a process that usually requires many components to be removed and replaced on the engine. In some vehicles, the timing belt breaking can cause considerable damage to the entire engine-block, creating a very expensive, time-consuming repair.
Regular inspection of your belts, hoses, and other components like brake shoes and pads need to be done by a trained mechanic that knows what and where to look for issues and can recognize the condition of every part they inspect. These regular inspections often come with an “everything looks ok,” report, but when there is a recommendation to replace something, you will need to make an appointment and get it taken care of as soon as possible. Automobiles do not break down when convenient; instead, issues arise when most inconvenient for time and often expense. Prevent unwelcome repair surprises with regular inspection of components on your domestic or import auto, truck, or SUV by one of our experienced A.S.E. certified mechanics at Cornerstone Auto Repair.

Vehicle Running Rough? Gas Mileage Dropping? You May Need a Tune Up

An auto mechanic holds an old, dirty sparkplug over a car engine he is tuning up.

One of the good things about today’s vehicles is they simply run better and more efficiently. Gas and diesel mileage have improved dramatically, and components last longer. You can go longer between oil changes. It has the habit of lulling us into a place of just expecting everything to be great, until one day at a traffic signal your car starts to run rough. If the rough engine cycling continues, you might be due for a tune-up.
Even with today’s computerized systems, greater efficiency, durable lubricants, and prolonged wear-ability, engine components do wear out and need replacement on occasion. While most cars have fuel injection instead of old-fashioned points and distributor cap, they nearly all still have plugs and wires if they are run on petroleum-based fuel. Diesel engines have injectors, and some even have “glo-plugs” that occasionally need to be cleared or cleaned.
If you have a car that is running rough, it might be bad fuel, an adjustment, or your spark plugs and wires are simply due for a replacement so they can operate at maximum efficiency. And, if you happen to have the misfortune of a plug breaking, call us. We are experts at removing and replacing spark plugs.
When you need a tune-up or need to find out why your vehicle is running rough, coughing, bucking, throttling up or down strangely, or exhibiting any other unwelcome behavior, call us and make an appointment. And, in an emergency, please feel free to stop by during shop hours. Our qualified mechanics at Cornerstone Auto Repair can quickly find the problem, and we will get your car up and running well in no time.

Fluid Services

Regular Maintenance is So Important for Your Car

Oil Change Colorado Springs

When you buy a car, you spend a lot of money. You hope it will last a while and give you excellent service. While a new car probably has some sort of warranty, it often only covers things like the drive train or some engine and electrical components. It seldom covers things that wear out or need replacement, like oil, brake shoes, wiper blades, hoses, or belts. Taking care of the common things that wear out or down or break helps your new car stay in warranty and keeps the engine and components in better running condition. It is even more critical when you buy a used car that may have no, or be out of, warranty to take care of it and do regular maintenance because the bill for everything that needs doing ends up coming out of your pocket. At Cornerstone Auto Repair, we are firm believers in ensuring that the regularly scheduled maintenance for your domestic or import auto is done on schedule and done right. We know that when regular maintenance schedules are followed, many small issues can be found and alleviated so they do not turn into much larger repair bills, or worse, safety issues that can endanger you and your passengers. When you need regular maintenance, even if it is just an oil change, call us. We will be happy to tell you what the price is and get you scheduled into the shop. Some cars, imports in particular, can pose unusual challenges for something as simple as an oil change. Having experts familiar with that brand and building of vehicle assure you the work is done correctly. Saving oil and chemical spills in your drive also saves our Colorado environment. Bring your car to Cornerstone Auto Repair, and you will get fast, top-line auto mechanic service Colorado Springs talks about and has for years.

If You Want Your Car to Last, You Need to Do Oil Changes on Time

Colorado Springs Oil Changes

The oil in your car’s engine is the blood that keeps the engine functioning, and when the oil runs low or gets dirty, the whole organism gets sluggish, or worse, stops. Modern engines and better-refined oils with additives allow longer times between oil changes than in the old days. Those suggested time frames, though, depend on your type of driving, what you use your vehicle for, and the conditions under which it operates. A vehicle driven regularly on the dusty rural Colorado dirt-roads needs an oil change about every 1,250 to 1,750 miles, which is sooner than the newer vehicle standards that hover around 5,000 miles between changes for strictly paved-driving. It is simply good maintenance and helps keep the vehicle running better, longer. If you are hauling loads, climb the mountains daily on the way to and from work, or have other conditions that place stress on your engine, such as towing loads, you need to follow an oil change service schedule that is more frequent than the maximum time it can go before problems set in.
At Cornerstone Auto Repair, we know that Colorado climate conditions and geography, as well as our mining, ranching, recreational, and other industries, can put some wear and tear on an engine. That is why we became AMSOil dealers many years ago. We know that AMSOil is one of the premier high-performance synthetic fluid systems available. It has been shown over many years to improve the performance and durability of a car’s engine. Stop by for a regular, synthetic, or AMSOil oil change, and we can share our knowledge about how to extend the life of your engine.

A Clean Fluid and Filter Keeps Your Transmission Shifting Smoothly

Transmissions are complicated and touchy creatures. They like to be clean and have the right lubricant that is clean, with a clean filter, so the precision parts that make them shift and work can glide and slide properly. Suppose you check your transmission fluid and there is any whiff of a burnt smell, or you see a brownish color, or any opaqueness to the fluid. In that case, you need to come in to the shop immediately to have us drop your transmission pan and clean the pan, replace the filter, and check the fluid for any contaminants or metal shavings. It is essential to catch transmission issues before the transmission starts to slip or skip gears or just won’t go into reverse. If your transmission is acting moody, call us and set up an appointment for a transmission fluid change and check. We recommend following the guidelines in your owner’s manual or before long road trips, especially if you are towing. A bit of proper maintenance can save a lot of money and headache due to costly transmission repairs.

Cornerstone Auto Repair Does Differential, Transaxle, and Drive Axle Fluid Top Offs

Thanks to our beautiful topography, many people in our state utilize all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive systems as their transmission of choice. Allowing additional power to go to a particular axle, set of tires, or each tire individually, providing better grip and traction on snow, in mud, or when crossing rough terrain. The various parts of the transmission and rear-end include; the differential-transaxle-drive axle fluids that cushion and allow the gears, joints, and parts to operate without friction and overheating. The right weight of fluid, grease, or other lubricants must be used in the right place and in the right amount to maintain the proper internal pressure and operation.
Like most parts of your vehicle, the differential, which splits the torque available between the wheels or axles, needs regular service. If you see leaking fluid from any gasket or joint in your axle and drive train system, you need to schedule an appointment for our experienced mechanics to look at it. Drive train maintenance keeps your vehicle ready for rough roads and weather at a moments notice. It also saves you from facing substantial repairs or replacement of parts if the leaking is from damage or the unit dries out. Strange noises, odd smells, vibration, or not being able to lock into or out of four-wheel drive are all indications that a service call is in order. AMSOil makes some terrific synthetic differential lubricants that have excellent performance for our Colorado road and weather conditions. Call us and find out what the price is for a check and fluid exchange, and get peace of mind knowing your rugged vehicle is ready no matter what the conditions.

Do You Need Your Transfer Case Checked?

We see more Transfer Case parts because there are more four-wheel drives (and AWDs) in our region, or should we say, transfer case issues. The transfer case is the unit that transfers power from the transmission of the vehicle to the front and rear axles. It is not uncommon for problems shifting, especially into or out of 4WD, are due to transfer case problems. Sometimes the vehicle will jump out of gear or 4WD unexpectedly or will vibrate or shake. It might have a grinding noise coming from the case. If any of those issues sound like a gremlin under your truck or SUV, call us for an appointment. We can schedule a time to assess your vehicle to see if it is a problem; we can repair or replace parts or if we need to refer you out. It is better if you start early, though, and contact us to do regular maintenance and fluid checks on your engine transfer case. Many problems happen due to a case drying out or leaking, causing binding in the gears that may lead to breakage. Your vehicle owner’s manual will give you a suggested schedule by mileage of when to get the various parts of your drive train checked for fluid levels. Still, if you have done a lot of towing, off-roading, or mountain climbing, it is always good to have a service call scheduled to avoid problems. Our A.S.E. mechanics will inspect the system and advise you of anything they find, as well as top-off the fluids and check for debris in the case. Call us to set up a convenient appointment.

Brake Fluid is An Important Indicator of the Health of Your Car

After your car’s engine, there is probably no system in your vehicle that gets more use, and abuse, than your brakes. Some of us are better “brake drivers” than others, but anyone who drives on mountain roads or in town with stop-and-go traffic puts wear on their brake shoes, pads, drums, and rotors daily. A good set of brakes is one of the most important safety features your vehicle possesses. We recommend regular checking of your brake fluid and brake lines, at which time we can quickly check the amount of brake pad left and the condition of calipers, springs, rotors, and other components. Brake fluid needs to be topped and kept at the correct level in the reservoir for braking’s safe performance. If your brake fluid continually drops, indicating a leak, or starts to brown or smell, usually indicating a problem, you should call us and schedule a service call for your brake fluid and braking system to be checked. Your safety is our number one concern at Cornerstone Auto Repair in Colorado Springs. We want our friends and neighbors to be safe, keeping everyone around them safe, too. Let us check your brakes and brake fluid, and we’ll rest easier, as can you.


Cornerstone Auto Repair Specializes in Electrical Systems and Electronics

Car Electric Jumper Cables

It is not often you hear an auto mechanic in Colorado Springs comment that they like tracing the wiring, but you just might witness that at Cornerstone Auto Repair. One of the automotive service areas we specialize in is diagnosing and repairing electrical issues in your domestic or import vehicle.
Many of the newer cars are a series of inline mini-computers that run various systems. If one of those units decides to act up, it can affect many other parts of your vehicle while leaving a trail of confusion about what is causing the problem. We enjoy a challenge; we are also highly trained in unraveling those challenges to get to the bottom of what is causing your electrical system headache in your car, truck, or SUV. Once we diagnose the problem and trace it to the source, we will establish precisely what needs to be done to fix it and find the parts to get it taken care of as quickly as possible.
We know that on-board computers are crucial to most everything that runs your car, monitors its systems, controls its security, and a myriad of other functions. When you have a glitch, call us. When you drop your vehicle off, our shuttle service is free and can get you where you need to go for the next appointment.

We Replace Electrical Components You Can’t See

vehicle alternator

You don’t always have to go to a body shop to get some things taken care of that are causing you frustration in your car. Nearly all modern vehicles have electronic locks and motors that control windows, doors, roofs, and other options. We can trace and replace small actuators and motors and get your window working again and your lock functional.
There are also all types of connections, fuse links, and other parts that we know how to trace and replace if they are causing a system not to work, a fan to turn on, or your dash lights to dim.
Call us and set up an appointment and let us trace the problem and get it fixed once and for all. Every team member at Cornerstone Auto Repair is an A.S.E. certified mechanic well versed with the systems on domestic and import vehicles. We can trace and fix the problems correctly without causing issues in other parts of your wiring like so many other companies tend to do. Trust our years of experience, and let us get your electrical components repaired right.

In Line Fuses, On Board Computers, Hidden Links…We Can Solve Your Problem at Cornerstone Auto Repair

Modern car dashboard with seat ventilation and heating system. Modern details of electric car

Whether it is your digital dash display, a tied-in plug system for chargers, or bulb replacement in your taillights, it if has electricity going to it, we can trace it and fix it at Cornerstone Auto Repair.
We have a lot of experience taking care of electrical components and electronics, whether there is a wiring problem, a unit that needs replacement, or a part that is creating problems.
We are locally owned and operated, and we have many years of experience in the Colorado Springs region fixing electrical issues in all brands of domestic and most import vehicles. Call us for an appointment, and leave the spaghetti to us. We’ll find it and fix it and get you untangled in no time and at a very reasonable price.

Other Services

We Can Take Care of a Lot of Auto Services for You, Like Wiper Blades

Windshield Wiper Replacement by Professional Auto Service Technician

At Cornerstone Auto Repair, we take a lot of pride in doing the little things that make our customers’ lives easier. One of those “little things” is wiper blade and wiper arm replacement.
Wiper blades are difficult to get on some vehicles, and others have an odd clip system to ensure the wiper-blades are secured. Installing the wiper-blades yourself can be confusing until you turn them on in the rain to find they are not mounted correctly. We are happy to change your wiper blades out or even install new wiper arms if your vehicle requires that kind of setup. Come by the shop, or mention it when you are in for your other services. We will be happy to install them for you.
We also will check your engine air filter when you are in for service. Air filters make a difference in mileage and performance, and with our climate and dry conditions, filters tend to pick up dust. Many people do not know their vehicle also has a cabin filter, particularly in trucks and SUVs. We will be happy to check those and locate a replacement for you should you need one.
Your fuel filter may also need replacement; they tend to be in some very unusual places in your car or truck now, such as under a seat. If you are having issues with idling and you suspect you got bad gas, your fuel filter may have to be changed to solve the problem.
Call the shop; we can set up a convenient time for you to stop by for service; your filters will be new in a short amount of time.

Do You Need an Inline Heater, Engine Heater, Transmission or Oil Cooler Installed?

Planetary gearsets inside vehicle automatic transmission. Close up view in mechanic workshop during repairing

It might sound a bit strange to a Coloradan to need an engine heater installed, as most everyone’s vehicles here already come with them installed from the factory. The fact is, we have a large number of new residents moving into the Colorado Springs region every month, and engine and inline heaters are entirely unknown in many parts of the country. They are a great idea, especially if you do not own a garage to house your vehicle. Trying to find someone to install them, though, can be like hunting a needle in a haystack. We install both inline and engine heaters at a very reasonable price. We know they are a necessity in our varied climate, and it is our way of making sure our new neighbors are prepared for whatever Mother Nature shares.
If you are going to be towing a boat, trailer, or RV (such as a fifth wheel), you might want to consider adding an oil or transmission cooler to your rig. These items do just what they say, cool the oil or transmission fluid, and are a big help to avoid problems when you are pulling a load in the mountains or up-and-down grades. Come by or call, and tell us the make, model, engine, transmission, and if applicable, bed length and configuration of your towing vehicle, as well as what you are towing. We can locate the appropriate oil or transmission cooler for your unit. They are reasonably priced and make a world of difference on the wear and tear on your equipment.

Brakes Are a Top Safety Concern – Let Cornerstone Auto Repair Check Your Brakes

auto service and maintenance concept - car brake disc at repair station

When you live in the mountains, you have to have brakes. The same applies to living in town. Brakes are probably the top safety feature on your vehicle, and they need to be in good working order at all times. Brake pads and shoes wear out, rotors wear down, and drums do as well. When you feel that bouncing grab or not much at all when you put your foot down on the brake pedal, it is time to make an appointment to stop by the shop, you might be low on brake fluid, which we will be happy to top off. You might need new brake pads or more, depending on the condition of your vehicle. We are experts in all domestic vehicle brands for brakes and do everything up through full-size pickups. We also know the systems in foreign and import autos and specialize in European systems including BMW. Don’t take risks with your safety or that of your family. Get your brakes checked and replaced at a reasonable price. At Cornerstone Auto Repair we are always happy to provide a free quote for brake work and will tell you how long it will take. Most brake jobs can be completed in a half-day or less. Call us and make an appointment now.

In Colorado Suspension Takes a Beating

The climate in Colorado can be challenging on road surfaces, and anyone who drives where there is winter runoff can attest to the jarring effects of potholes and washes. Summer heat also takes its toll, wearing down surfaces and breaking down asphalt. All these driving conditions, coupled with rock and dirt roads and other challenges, give the suspension system on your vehicle a workout. Our trained, experienced mechanics are some of the highest-rated in Colorado Springs at rebuilding and repacking your ball joints, servicing your driveshaft, replacing your shocks and struts, and we even install and service air shocks. It takes know-how to know how to fix and fit the right suspension to a vehicle to make your ride better and smoother, and we know how to take care of the equipment afterward to ensure it lasts as long as possible under the conditions.
Due to the harsh wear and tear on certain suspension parts, we strongly suggest bringing in your vehicles subjected to those kinds of roads for a regular check on the condition, lubrication, possible cracks and damage, and general wear and tear. If necessary, we can install a Zerk or grease fitting to assure there is adequate lubrication in a particular joint, as many of them come “sealed” or without them. Talk to us; let us help you determine the most practical, utilitarian, and safe combination of suspension parts that will do the job you need doing with the best ride you can have at a reasonable price. We always provide a free estimate for all work before we start.
As locals, we know that doing the right thing and helping your neighbors is just plain expected in south-central Colorado. We are proud to call Colorado Springs home and have for many years, and we pride ourselves in knowing our friends and neighbors have been coming in for service for decades. We work hard to maintain our reputation and always strive to provide the top quality A.S.E. certified auto mechanics for domestic and import autos anywhere in Colorado Springs. Give us a call, or stop by the shop for an estimate. You will see why we are so Colorado proud and are glad to call Colorado Springs our home, all while we are giving you great mechanical work at reasonable prices.